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Before you make a start on creating daily tidying habits, you need to have the foundations set in place first. Storage is probably the most crucial part of keeping a home tidy, investing in a good amount of storage will transform your home. However be careful not to let the storage solutions become places to hide away excess mess or junk.


Have a place for everything and teach your kids to tidy away when they have finished. Choose it, use it, put it away! Make it easy for the kids to access their toys, and in turn it will be easy for them to tidy away when finished.


Keep on top of paperwork, as soon as bills and letters arrive in the post, open them and put them in their designated spots. Junk mail should go straight into the recycling along with unwanted magazines and newspapers. Make use of trays and filing systems plus a board to pin up more recent letters from school or doctors appointments. 


Multi-tasking is key. While the kettle is boiling for your morning cup of tea or coffee, unload the dishwasher. Whilst the kids are eating breakfast, head upstairs and make their beds. When you come downstairs ask the children to get dressed whilst you clear the table and wipe down the kitchen. Make sure you have something healthy and filling to snack on for the kids as soon as they arrive home from school and take that moment to sort out their bags and make sure they're ready for the next day. 


Leave the house as you would wish to find it when you get home, saving you hassle later on in the day and a feeling of satisfaction when you come home after a busy day at work.


Have a final big clear up at the end of each day before you sit down and enjoy some quiet time. Get the kids involved before they head up to bed and set each one a different task, for example locating and tidying away all toys or whizzing round the house collecting any extra pots that need washing.

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