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Styling a shelf takes a little more know-how than just piling on your bits and bobs in the hope that they will take on some sort of order and look pretty. We have devised a sure fire way to get that perfect 'Shelfie' in just 3 easy steps.


Step 1.

Start with your collection of books, whether they’re dusty old novels or sweet little recipe books stack them, lay them flat and stand them up. Mix the colours up to even out your colour palette and don’t be afraid of the lack of order or symmetry, it gives the eye something interesting to look at. As much as it may pain you, keep alphabetical colour coding for the traditional old bookshelf tucked away upstairs.

Step 2.

Add in some artwork, your favourite prints or old family photographs propped up against the wall, add some personality.

Step 3.

Finally time for your little bits and pieces, vases, vessels, glass bottles, sculptures, candles and even baskets. Add them in wherever you feel they fit and play around with texture, size and style, don’t forget to keep the colour palette going so that it doesn’t end up like a shelf at the back of the local charity shop.

Take a browse through these utterly swoon worthy shelfies!


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