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Work with the space you have and know your design limitations. Having a beautifully styled home doesn’t mean you need masses of space to work with. Some of the most well designed spaces I have seen are in teeny tiny rooms. You just might have to leave the extra large sheepskin beanbag until next time. However, if you are lucky enough to have a large space in which to work, the golden rule still applies; Work with what you have, know your limitations and make the most of the space.


Keep it personal, your home should reflect who you are. Please don’t let what is in the high street shops influence what you really want. Fads come and go and that gold plated Buddha you purchased last month may soon seem like a waste of money. Choose items that have sentimental value or something beautifully handcrafted that you will really appreciate year on year.


Keep it simple. With the masses of home accessories out there nowadays it’s all too easy to go overboard on little bits and bobs. Try and stick to just a handful and your space will feel clearer, brighter and even bigger!


Use greenery and flowers wherever you can. I’m a true believer in using plants to cheer up a room. There’s nothing more joyful than a splash of green when you walk into a room. Add an array of big, small, colourful and overgrown, quite literally go wild!


Use mirrors to your advantage. Display a selection of mirrors to make a small space feel bigger, add mirrors in darker rooms to reflect natural light.


Mix it up. Add a throw and some cushions in different textures to create that cosy feel. In the kitchen try a rug and wall hanging for the same effect.


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