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If you're looking for some colour inspiration for your home decor then look no further than these irresistibly rich colour palettes. Go bold with colour and don't be afraid of making a statement. Banish the beige!

Decadent Greys

We love the use of dark grey in the kitchen and the marble worktop is the icing on the cake.

It might seem a little scary at first but using a beautiful dark grey in the bedroom gives that essential sense of dramatic luxury. When choosing the perfect paint, make sure you opt for Matte. Shiny paint will show up a whole host of imperfections, not ideal when your curled up in bed on a Sunday morning with your favourite book.

Rich Greens

We can't believe how popular the colour green has become this past few months. It seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon with an influx of tropical palm prints and ever increasingly popular indoor plants.

Bring the outside in with the use of greenery in your living room. With many beneficial health reasons, are indoor plants replacing fresh flowers as the new in thing?

Smokey Blues

Always popular, this calming colour palette is rich but not overpowering. If you want an injection of colour without the risk of painting your walls dark grey or black then smokey blues could well be the answer for you.

Choose accent pieces such as pillows and bed sheets. 

Or if you're feeling brave opt for a feature wall.

Rusted Reds

Channel your inner antique lover with vintage, rusted red. We think there is nothing more luxurious than the use of red velvet, mix up textures by placing next to a well loved old piano.

If you love the idea of this opulent colour palette but want a calmer feel, stick to the lighter shades as a pop of colour against a white wall.

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