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I have noticed a massive trend with the use of house plants recently. People seem to be shifting from the traditional vase of flowers to a more modern look using house plants. And these babies aren’t confined to sitting alone on the windowsill, we are seeing them everywhere.

Whether they’re piled up high in their masses on top of a wardrobe or delicately placed in individual bottles in the bathroom I think they look amazing and... if you have the space, the more the merrier.

Try to mix and match your house plants and build up colour, texture and structure. If you want to put your plant in a high place, use a variety such as Ivy, it will look beautiful draping down from a top shelf. Choose plants with strong shape and structure such as Aloe and Snake Plant and decorate with softer varieties such as Boston Ferns and Philodendron.



Snake Plant

Boston Fern


If space is limited but you still want an injection of green, succulents are easy to maintain, stay relatively small and look oh so cute!

Not only do house plants look beautiful, they’re also super helpful in helping keep the air in your home clean and pure. The air indoors is typically far more polluted than outdoor air and as we tend to spend most of our time inside it makes sense to look after our air and keep it clean.

Tip: If you're going to let your house plant get this big, you had better invest in a bigger watering can!

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